candle in jar beach themeshells
These items were all found at Dollar Tree. You can buy in the store or order online and pick up at your local store. The small glass vases are only $1 or you can buy a case of 12.


Fill vase 1/4 full with sand, you can buy a small bag of decorator sand for a$1 or use sandbox play sand found in bulk at most home and garden stores.

Place a candle in center of sand. Surround candle with shells. You can either put the sand, candle and shells in the glass vase or you just provide the items with instructions, this is especially good if you are shipping the gift.

Give one or several depending on your budget. This is a very affordable gift, it makes a nice accent or centerpiece.


Make your gift more unique by using various sized small glass vases. Use your imagination and replace shells with other items that signify something  special to your gift recipient.


Total cost per item is $3 or less if you already have sand.