candy gram poster homemade

Candy gram for teachers:

Dear Mr/Ms(teacher’s name):
I have to admit, (student’s name) did not exactly shake her (POM POMS)
when she found out she had you for a teacher. Rumor had it that your gave out (MOUNDS) of homework. But when she actually saw how much you
did give, she thought her eyes were playing (TWIX) on her! It was (GOOD
& PLENTY) and she thought you were (NUTRAGEOUS)!!
It turns out that you were a (LIFESAVER), because her (SKOR)’s were so
high, I thought I had (DOTS) in front of my eyes!!


So, as our thanks to you, we are going to go to Mr. (WHATCHAMACALLIT)
(the principal) and ask him to give you a bonus of, let’s say (100 GRAND), on (PAYDAY) for being such a Great Teacher!
Have a (CAREFREE) Summer, and here’s a few (NIPS) for you to enjoy either (NOW OR LATER), (HUGS & KISSES)
Your Name


Candy gram birthday wish for son or daughter

Dear Daughter/Son:
Happy Birthday daughter/son , May your day be filled with MOUNDS of JOY
with the Dove’s PROMISE of more to come. You have permission to SKITTLE
through the day with a StarBURST of energy. U-NO you are loved. HUGS & KISSES,

Anniversary candy gram

Happy Anniversary, you SWEETARTS!
Fifty years gone by, and you are still each others RIESEN for living. You’ve been each others ALMOND JOY as you travel the ROCKY ROADs and
MILKY WAYs together.

The GOOD & PLENTY CAREFREE days outweigh the NUTRAGEOUS times and you
have shared plenty of SNICKERS. You’ll always be each others BIT O HONEY, and SUGAR BABIES. You are each others SPECIAL TREASURE in life.

Here’s to another 50 years of SYMPHONYs and STARBURSTs. And that you
continue to ROLO-ver next to each other each morning with CAREFREE smiles.


We wish you a Merry Christmas from this JOLLY RANCHER and his MILK MAIDS
and MILK DUDes. We wish you MOUNDS of SPECIAL TREASURES in the New Year.
We hope that your SUGAR BABIES will take special care to stay away from
the NUTS and LEMON HEADS in the world and that their DREAMS are filled
with PETER PAN fun. We hope you hit the lotto this year and make at least 100 GRAND. We pray the Lord will keep you from venturing on ROCKY ROADs. Keep in mind that we always have HUGS & KISSES for our family*, especially when we feel TWIZZLEd and blue. Ignore the SNICKERS of others
and know always that you SKOREd big by having such a loving family**.

*change family to “friends.”
**change to “NUTRAGEOUS friends”, so it works for both.

Candy Gram Religious Christmas

Shepherds used their {Staffs} to guide the sheep, As a tiny newborn {Baby} lay fast asleep. A bright shiny {Star} led the wise men to his humble abode, With them they carried gifts, one of which was {Gold}. This baby became our {Savior}, to lead us on our way, Remember this great miracle, as you celebrate Christmas Day.

….. Staff………Candy Cane Baby …….Baby Ruth Bar Star………..Starburst Candy Gold………..Wrapped Gold Coins Savior……..Life Saver Candy

Dad’s Day candy gram Dear (Sugar) Daddy,

You are the best dad in the whole Milky Way, even though you are from
Mars and I’m from Venus. You Skor high points as a dad….don’t Snicker(s).
When you were born there was a Symphony in heaven! Your Hot Tamale(s),

Mom, still thinks you are a Big Hunk. I wish I could take you on a shopping Spree on 5th Avenue in New York (Peppermint Patty), but they don’t have Builders Square there because they’re Nerds.
Love you Mounds,

Your Nut (Roll)

Getting married Candy Gram

I arranged everything in a big planter, and attached the following letter…

Dear (_____):
I wish you and (groom) the Best of Luck and much fortune in the years to
come. However….before you “Pledge” your eternal love, there are a few
things you should know about the man you are soon to marry.

First of all, the “Son of a Gun” will always be looking for a “Bit o Honey” and a bit of “Almond Joy”. He will not be content to just “Snuggle” and “Carress”. He will expect you to “Shout” with “Joy” each  time you make Whoopee. But make sure you never shout out “Oh Henry.”

Believe me, sometimes it will take “Sheer Endurance” and maybe a few
“Nips” to hold back the “Snickers” when he offers to show you his “BabeRuth.”

Secondly, you are absolutely, positively NOT allowed to get “Chunky” or
he will be sure to “Vanish” in a “Jif”!

And Thirdly, probably the most important of all…If you want to “Stayfree” from all that “Baby Magic” for a little while, it will be up to YOU to “Safeguard” yourself. DO NOT leave it up to old “Butterfinger”, because he’ll just “Squirt (&Mop)” on his way to the “Milky Way”.

Don’t let this scare you though, because (groom) is really a “Fantastic”
guy and not a “Nerd” who will always make your life a “Symphony.” Even
if he isn’t “Mr. Clean.”

Here’s wishing you a life that is a “Breeze” with nothing but “Joy.” That your love never goes out with the “Tide,” and you make “Fab”ulous
money, so you can afford a maid so your hands stay “Chiffon” soft. “Sunlight” and “Cheer”

Graduation Candy Gram

Congratulations You survived Teachers from MARS…MOUNDS of homework… NUTRAGEOUS late
nights of studying to SKOR well on exams and ROCKY ROADS. You proved you can ROLL (tootsie) with the punches and you’re no DUM DUM. You proved you were a RED HOT student. There will be no SNICKERS, only a SYMPHONY of cheers as you graduate.

Have a CAREFREE summer and get ready to hit those High School books so you can get the perfect job earning $100 GRAND a year. WERTHER you succeed is up to you. I have faith in you because you have always been a (Almond) JOY to me.


Graduation Candy Gram ~ Another Version Congratulations

You survived Teachers from MARS…MOUNDS of homework… NUTRAGEOUS late nights of studying to SKOR well on exams and ROCKY ROADS. You proved you can ROLL (tootsie) with the punches and you’re no DUM DUM. You proved you were a RED HOT student. There will be no SNICKERS, only a SYMPHONY of cheers as you graduate. I’ll be the one in the front row doing FLIPZ. Have a CAREFREE summer and get ready to hit the books again EXTRA hard.

WERTHER you succeed is up to you. As far as I am concerned, there is a STARBURST in the MILKY WAY with your name on it. I have faith in you because you have always been a (Almond) JOY to me. Remember, Mamma didn’t raise any NERDS and you can always call on me when you need a LIFESAVER.



I’m sorry Gram

Dear __________
Sometimes mistakes are small like CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS other times they seem to be as big as aMOUNTAIN (bar). I took a CHANCE and made you unhappy with me. I never MINT too! I PROMISE I won’t make such a NUTRAGEOUS goof again! You are very special to me and I go to REESE’S, when I know you are unhappy! I could just crawl back into a TURTLE ‘s shell, and pretend it doesn’t matter, but it does! I have MOUNDS of affection for you, and this was nothing to SNICKER about. I could LOOK
all the way from the MILKY WAY to 5TH AVENUE and not find a more wonderful________ than you! Please accept my apologies and show me one
of those CAREFREE smiles!
Love ______________

Mother’s Day Gram

I know I haven’t been an ALMOND JOY to you all my life. I have been down some ROCKY ROADs, but you have always been there to help me pick up the REESE’S PIECES and pave a better MILKY WAY for me.

You are truly a SPECIAL TREASURE in my life. A CAREFREE spirit and never
without HUGS & KISSES for her child. You are the RIESEN they made Mother’s Day BAR NONE.


Happy Mother’s Day. I love you GOOD & PLENTY. Your SUGAR BABIES,

Mothers Day Gram

Dear Mom:
I know there is a special REISIN you are my Mom. When life has given me ROCKY ROADS, I can count on you to be my LIFESAVER! Even when I have given you MOUNDS of trouble or when I’ve been a DUM DUM, you hardly ever SNICKER. You will always have a BIG HUNK of my heart because you are such a TREASURE to me.

I look forward to SKITTLES of fun continuing to learn from you. You are such a SWEET TART. There aren’t enough stars in the MILKY WAY and around MARS to outshine you. Hope you had a GRAND Mother’s Day!


NURSES candy gram

Nurses are an ALMOND JOY to have around when you are feeling under the
weather. They work NUTRAGEOUS hours to see that our loved ones are taken
care of GOOD & PLENTY and on their MILKY WAY to recovery. They soothe away RED HOTS fevers with just a gentle touch, and show MOUNDS of kindness to their patients each day. They never forget that
sometimes a little SNICKER is the best medicine. They have to remain calm, and can never have BUTTERFINGERS.

Nurses are SPECIAL TREASURES and worth more than $100 GRAND. They are
truly LIFESAVERS and deserve a big HUG, and a SWEET ESCAPE

Retirement Candy Gram

WOW, Your PAYDAY is finally here. After all these years of rolling up your sleeves, ROCKY ROADS, MOUNDS of work, you are finally able to LOOK for SKITTLES of fun things to do. WERTHER or not you hit 5TH AVENUE or fly to MARS to do the CHARLESTON, we know that you will be CAREFREE and
have a NUTRAGEOUS retirement with, ZERO thoughts of the work CRUNCH!

We really SKORed big having you to work with (for). So you’re the REISEN
for our celebration, our wishes for your ALMOND JOYful retirement after
all the GOOD & PLENTY of work you have done. Your a SPECIAL TREASURES to
us , the best BAR NONE! You are worth a MINT!

Student Candy Gram

The candies can be placed in a basket, or on a sheet of poster board w/the candy taking the place of the words: I know you think your teachers are from MARS, but there is a RIESEN for it. They’re trying to cram MOUNDS of information into your brain in a short time. You’re on a TOOTSIE ROLL and working towards graduation, and that’s hard work. But think of it, when you graduate, you could be earning $100 GRAND a year! Cheer up, you’re not a MILK DUD or a DUM DUM.

Don’t SKITTLES it all yet and go NUTRAGEOUS. Hang in there, study hard, and don’t worry about the SNICKERS from your friends. WERTHER or not you succeed is up to you. I have faith in you because you’ve always been my ALMOND JOY. (or BIT O HONEY or SUGAR BABY) I’ll always be here for you.


Tax Day Candy Gram

If taxes have taken a BIG HUNK out of your PAY DAY, and you’re staring own a ROCKY ROAD with no hope of SWEET ESCAPES, here’s a little LIFESAVER to make you feel like you’ve gotten your MILKY WAY. Just sit back, SNICKERS, and grin because you have in your hands the only $100 GRAND the IRS can’t take away. Now isn’t that an ALMOND JOY?


Valentine’s Day Candy Gram

My Dearest (Sugar Baby):
Happy Valentines Day. May this bouquet bring you a (Snicker) as you read
my message. It will not make you (Chunky) and I am not playing (Twix) on

You are my (Bit-O-Honey), you are worth more than a (100 Grand) to me, I
get (Goo Goo) eyes every time I see you.

Our (Good-N-Plenty) life together is like shopping on (5th Avenue) on (Pay Day). I wish you (Mounds) of (Almond Joy) on this Valentines Day.

Hugs and Kisses