fitnThis Fitness Gift Basket is perfect for your Exercise Buddy or Fitness Guru.

Use a Tote Bag as the Basket

Mix and match to Fill Tote Bag:

Towel   –  You could chose a hand towel or bath towel depending on your budget. You can use an inexpensive on from a dollar store. I have even used the kind that only enlarge when you add water.

Water bottle  – Many varieties to choose from inexpensive to pricey

Workout DVD or  Fitness magazines (or gift certificate for either)

Flip flops



Power bar(s)  – Try to pick their favorite.

Sports drinks  – You can never go wrong with Gatorade

Sports socks  – Plain white or look for some with a cute fitness motif.

Gym membership (optional ) – a gift card works too.

To make a$10 fitness git basket:

Laminate tote bag or draw string bag from a dollar store – $1

Power bar(s) -$2 – $3 ( 1- 2 bars)

Hand towel – dollar store $1

Gatorade – $2

Fitness Magazine – $3 -$4

Total – $10