wheel stitch how to crochet

Fringe is all the Rage for 2016, this  Chic small fringed bag (crochet) is perfect for carrying  your cellphone and ID. Lite and sassy!

crochet bag fringedYou need to be able to crochet to make this bag.  Use a wheel pattern.

Materials: Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, Ecru, size 50, lined with rose colored silk. Hook No. 11. It is both dainty and durable.


Ch 10, join, in ring work 16 tr, 1 ch after each. Join. Make sc in each sp, 3 ch between. Join and fasten off.

Wheel measures 5\8 inch across.

Repeat for 2nd wheel, until 6 loops have been made in last round. Ch 1, sc in loop of 1st wheel, ch 1, sc in next sp of 2nd wheel, ch 1, sc in next loop of 1st wheel, ch 1, sc in next sp of 2nd wheel.

Finish 2nd wheel. Have 6 loops at each side each wheel when joined.

Make 2 strips each of 21, 22 and 23 wheels. Join 2 longest strips first. Lay them side by side.

Make 1 tr tr in 3rd, then in 2nd loop after joining, in 2nd wheel of left hand strip, holding last loops back of needle. Make 1 tr tr each in 2nd and 3rd loops before joining of 1st wheel of same strip, holding last loops back. Make tr tr in 2nd and 3rd loops before joining in 1st wheel of other strip, then in 2nd and 3rd loops of 2nd wheel. Draw through all loops and fasten. Join all wheels in all strips in this way. Have all strips even at one end, at other end have longest strips at center, shortest at sides. Shaped end is flap. Work half spiders at ends to make even.

Fold bag to shape, front 9 wheels deep. Join sides with spiders. Make tassel with crocheted top at bottom of each strip. Make twisted cord handle, draw through top spider each side. Finish end with crocheted ball and 2 tassels. Close with button and tasseled buttonloop.