These are really unusual gifts and generally are quite a conversation piece.

You can present the candy grams in various ways. let start with a  Candy Bouquet.

You Need:

  • Quart sized can,  or terra cotta pot or another container. ( see a list of ideas below)
  •  Wooden skewers
  • Clear packing tape.
  •  4-5  or more Candy Bars


Put Styrofoam in the bottom of the can.

Tape a skewer to each candy bar/item.

Then insert them at varying heights into the can.

This becomes a bouquet.

I usually add curly ribbon or balloons or decorations depending on the occasion.

Attach the label ” Candy Gram”

Ideas for label

Print and wrap around the candy gram container

Print the “gram” out on your computer tape a candy bar in front of the word “gram”. Tape that to a skewer too, and insert that into the pot along with the bars.

You can also get foam core board and handprint out the gram. (in large lettering)

Candy Gram Gift Bouquet Container Ideas:

Basket, a pail, an empty large jar, toy truck,  large cup, glass vase, gift bag, coffee mug, etc.

Decorate the container appropriately for the occasion.

Candy Gram Poster Board

Perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mothere’s Day and many more occasions. Great gift for kids to make!

candy gram poster homemade


Candy Gram Message – replace the Candy bar name with the candy bar:

The RIESEN for this greeting, is to wish you a CAREFREE holiday season.
Don’t go NUTS while you are fighting the MOUNDS of people all shopping
at the last minute. Take some time to enjoy the SYMPHONY of voices from
the carolers, or enjoy a SWEET ESCAPE on me.

Don’t worry about getting CHUNKY on all those holiday treats either. There will be GOOD and PLENTY time to worry about that after the holidays.

Even though the road leading to Christmas may be a ROCKY ROAD…..just
think of all the ALMOND JOY you will receive when your friends/family
see how well they SKORed with all those gifts. Don’t be a BUTTERFINGER
unwrapping all of them.

And get that BIG HUNK of yours to be a LIFESAVER and make you a cup of
TEA. Sit back, relax and may your PEANUT BUTTER CUP overflow with
SPECIAL TREASURES of holiday memories.

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